Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Michele and Guga's Awesome Blue Cake

All photos and slideshow courtesy of Monique Feil Photography

Last year, when Michele contacted us about her and her fiance Guga's wedding cake for their 8-8-08 wedding, we were already booked for the time she would need to have the cake delivered, so she requested an earlier delivery time but no such luck. We wanted to be able to offer her delivery, but her wedding was out at Hale Kimo, an estate on Sunset Beach on the North Shore and we didn't have the time. She would need to come and pick it up. We've had very good luck in the cake-pick-up department. Never has a cake been destroyed from a client pick-up and we felt that if she provided the right vehicle and a very COLD climate in the vehicle, and avoiding any potholes along the way the cake would be okay. At the scheduled pick-up time, two of her friends showed up with a van, and we knew the cake would be just fine for the nearly hour and half trek out there. By looking at the shape of their wedding cake, it wasn't THE easiest cake to deliver all the way out there, but it wasn't the most difficult, and they did a fantastic job treating Michele and Guga's cake with kid gloves.

During the rest of our weddings that day, we breathed a sigh of relief -- no phone call -- which meant the cake obviously arrived intact. Recently, their photographer, Monique Feil, who does spectacular work, by the way, shared with us these BEAUTIFUL cake images and that was all the evidence we needed that the cake was well looked after and enjoyed by Michele and Guga. Monique was sweet enough to include a slideshow of images she compiled of her wedding that we could post for our readers to see the rest of their wedding. It appears from the slideshow the couple had quite the cake cutting ceremony. A big Mahalo to Monique Feil for sharing such beautiful work with us!

click above for slideshow

See Michele and Guga's awesome blue cake and many more on cakelava.com. New photos will be posted soon!

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