Wednesday, November 12, 2008

French Elegance and Cirque du Soleil Inspired

Saturday night was a bit of a circus -- literally. Our client Candes celebrated her engagement to fiance Milan in a beautiful, Cirque du Soleil inspired party in Diamond Head. She gave Rick carte blanche to design her a spectacular showpiece, using her wedding colors of soft pinks, lavenders, greens, and golds and incorporating an elegant Cirque du Soleil inspired whimsy. She was very open to design and wanted something her guests would be talking about long after the party -- mission accomplished! Shortly after the party Candes left us a voicemail saying how blown away she and her guests were by the cake. Rick had a great time making her cake and was excited about it. We were both thrilled to hear from Candes. This cake meant a lot to her and to us. She had originally tried to hire us for her wedding on the island of Lanai, but circumstances prevented us from being able to make her cake. Candes and Milan chose our Kona Toffee Crunch and Bananarama flavors to serve their guests. I wished we had taken photos of the decor but I was mesmorized by the live acrobat spinning in the ring and we needed to leave for a long trek out to the North Shore (nearly 3 hours roundtrip!). Quite the circus!

Candes and Milan, we hope you have an incredible wedding on Lanai and we'll be thinking of you!

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