Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Marines!

For the past two years, we've been commissioned to create a cake for the Marine Forces Pacific (MARFORPAC) Officers' Ball in honor of the United States Marine Corps Birthday, on November 10th. While many people are relaxing during their long holiday weekend, we're usually hard at work on their cake. This is an event we are extremely proud to be part of and take our responsibility to design, with as much authenticity as possible, very seriously. Last night's cake design was quite different than the one we made a year ago, and that was how they wanted it. Since our cake for 2007 was stacked high, they wanted us to make a completely different looking cake for 2008, incorporating some sculpted components and their emblem. Our client lent us her husband's cap as a reference for Rick, which he then sculpted out of cake. The cake was incredibly beautiful in person and this photo doesn't do it justice. When we arrived last night at the Ball, the General, who would be in charge of cutting the cake with a sword, specifically for these purposes, during the ceremony, was thrilled with the design and told Rick in his 20 years at these events, this was the nicest cake he's seen! Rick and I were both incredibly touched by this comment and it almost seemed like Rick was a bit star-struck by The General, as was I. We've met a number of celebrities this year at events, and this was just as magical a moment.

This year's cake flavor, like last year's was tropical. They chose our Coconut Pineapple Chunk,
which is also one of our favorite flavors. Last year they went with Hawaii Five-0. Shortly before leaving, we were offered some souvenir glasses from the event. They were a meaningful gift to us and we presently have them at our studio. We're looking forward to making the Officers' cake again next year!

2007's cake

We just uploaded many new cake photos at cakelava.com if you want to see some of our latest creations.


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