Monday, November 3, 2008

Rocky's Sprint Car Groom's Cake

Happy Monday Everyone! Before we get into today's post, we want to thank all of you who took the time to cast your vote for your favorite couple to be our December Featured Wedding. We are pleased to announce that couple #4 Leslie and Sam, won by a landslide and will be our December Feature! Congratulations to Leslie and Sam and also their awesome photography team at Bianca Photography who we had to pleasure to work with on another wedding over the weekend. Looking forward to those images too!

Today's post we're dedicating to our good pal Liz in North Carolina. Liz has been a diehard supporter of cakelava since our humble beginnings, and claims she is Rick's biggest fan. Liz spent a number of years working for Weddings By Grace & Mona, one of the premier wedding coordination teams in Hawaii and has since relocated. On Saturday, one of Liz's couples' Leslie and Rocky were married, in an extravagant wedding for their 400+ guests out at Lanikuhonua. Their fabulous purple and checkerboard event with a racing car theme was full of bling -- crystals everywhere! We made two cakes for the couple, a purple 5-tier wedding cake and a very special Sprint racing car for Rocky's groom's cake. We want Liz to know we were thinking of her and that the wedding was a huge success thanks to Mona's crew! Since we had to run off to another wedding immediately after, we weren't able to shoot many photos to share with all of you, but here's a small taste, just a teaser really, til we get the professional photos from their photographer. Special thanks to AJ, at Weddings by Grace & Mona for providing us with a few photos from the event!

Liz, these are for you!

The checkerboard entrance to Leslie and Rocky's wedding. Photo taken when we arrived.

Rusty's awesome bright blue sculpted Sprint car Groom's cake!

Just one of the many gorgeous purple tabletops designed by the uber-talented team at Yvonne Floral Design. (wish I had a better photo of this)

Leslie and Rocky's ice bar, complete with (see below) ...

A giant Ice Patron sculpture! There is SO much more I wish I could share, but it will have to wait for pro photos.

'til tomorrow ... Aloha!


Elizabeth Oliveira said...

you guys are so awesome! thank you! that totally made my day...i wish i could have seen the whole set up...but where's the cake?! you have no idea how much i miss your cakes, you guys, but the cakes are pretty up there... :(

cakelava said...

You're pretty awesome yourself, Liz! We didn't get a good shot of the wedding cake. We were in a rush to get to our next wedding (in Waikiki)
and didn't want to be late. Thank goodness for Chrissy (Lambert!).

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