Friday, November 14, 2008

Sailing Into a Beautiful New Life Together

For most of this week, we've been profiling cakes that were made for events last weekend. Why not continue the trend today and show you a couple more. These two lovelies, a wedding cake and groom's cake were made for our wedding couple Bonnie and Chris, who were married at a home on the North Shore. These were the cakes we had to deliver immediately after the elegant French circus inspired cake profiled on wednesday's blog. Deliveries out to the North Shore are always a little more stressful, because the delivery time is up to an hour and a half and if there is heavy traffic due to surfing competitions, popular in the winter months, then it can take even longer. However, Saturday's delivery was smooth sailing, so to speak.

For their wedding cake, Rick designed a beautiful green fondant wedding cake with some taller tiers for the handcrafted phalaenopsis orchid branch to crawl up. We were pleased to see phalaenopsis orchids in vases under their tent and on the cake table. It seems obvious, I know, but sometimes we show up and months earlier when the wedding cake had been designed with a certain flowers in place and the sketch approved, the bride decides sometime before the wedding to completely change the flowers and not tell us. That's always fun. With Bonnie and Chris' wedding, everything was as discussed, and for Chris' surprise groom's cake, Rick made a sculpted sailboat exactly as requested -- wooden deck, sunrise shell on the sail, "Just Married" written on back of the boat, and fishing poles with a fish, in this case, a big marlin. I thought it was fantastic! Bonnie chose our Banana Nutella flavor for the sailboat and one of our signature flavors, Local Kine Special, a coconut cake with taro cream filling for their wedding cake.

This wedding had all the right components. A beachfront house on the North Shore, a gourmet BBQ dinner cooked by Chef Jason Paul, two gorgeous cakes, a bar, and 100 or so of their closest friends and family to celebrate with them. Looked like a fun time!

Well, I must have been on the same wave length as Bonnie because this morning, when I had already planned on writing about their wedding cakes, she sent us a email thank you:

Dear Rick and Sasha,

The cakes were absolutely AMAZING!!! The wedding cake was gorgeous and the sailboat was beyond perfect...the fishing poles and the fish were perfect and the sunrise shell was such a great touch! They were both better than I could have imagined...and tasted so good!! We got a ton of compliments.

Thanks again!!
My best wishes to the both of you,

Bonnie P

Bonnie and Chris,

You two were wonderful to work with! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to create for your special day. We wish both of you the best!

Sasha & Rick

Check out Bonnie and Chris' cakes and many more new additions on!

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