Monday, November 17, 2008

Those Fabulous 1940's

Ever wonder why the number "40" often has the word "Fabulous" in front of it? Is turning 40 really that Fabulous? I guess I'll find out in a few years, but for now, there is one thing I do know, if you want to throw a Fabulous party, then look to the Fabulous 1940's for inspiration! That's what our client Nicole did when she chose the theme for her son Max's 1st Birthday party on Saturday night at the Pacific Aviation Museum on Ford Island at Pearl Harbor.

Over the years we've done many theme parties, and this one was one of our favorites! Nicole really put some thought into the planning of this party and no detail was overlooked. Location, Location, Location! Is there a more perfect location for a 1940's theme party than at the Pacific Aviation Museum? Guests were asked to wear 1940's era clothing, and when our client Nicole greeted us, she looked glamorous and perfectly suited to the 1940's. I love the colors used -- navy blue, silver, white and black. Decor. Black linens, silver, blue and white balloons and an industrial hangar space filled with giant airplanes all around. Adorable teddy bears in aviator outfits for some of the centerpieces. Caterers were brought in from town (we saw sushi -- yum!) and a bar for the adults, and for the dessert, a cakelava Fabulous 1940's era sculpted airplane in our Bananarama flavor.

Kudos to Nicole for a wonderful party that her guests will long remember and so will we!

Check out this great space!

Our cake was on this table under the airplane right in front of the staff member taking a photo of it.

adorable centerpieces!

invitations with the 1940's plane that the cake was modelled after

flight simulators rented for the kids

the artist and his creation.

Check out to see many more custom sculpted cakes.

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