Friday, November 7, 2008

Hello, Cupcake!

About a year ago, we had a private party to celebrate the opening of our Kailua cake studio. For the party, Rick made hundreds of cupcakes for our guests and had created flavors specifically for the opening. The cupcakes were an enormous hit at the party, with some guests eating 3 or 4 a piece! Shortly after the party, we started receiving requests from our guests to purchase the flavored cupcakes. They needed a couple/few dozen for a party and could we make them. We did the occasional order for our clients when they asked, but since it wasn't on our usual menu of offerings, it would throw off our timing with the rest of the cake orders and was nearly impossible to do in the summer months with all the weddings. When we made the cupcake orders, we always tried one of each flavor, just for quality control *wink* and we thought they were really good! Our clients loved them and would return for more. After many discussions, Rick and I decided to take the plunge and ofter our gourmet cupcakes officially. New flavors were created in addition to some we were already offering and we added a holiday flavor, Pumpkin Pie. We've had a great response so far!

For anyone locally who wishes to order our gourmet cupcakes by the dozen, we have all the necessary information on

Our new flavors:

* Guavatini (guava)
* La Vida Mocha (mocha)
* Snowball (coconut)
* Kamp Kailua (Think, S'mores!)
* Vanilla Berry
* Peanut Butter Fudgey
* Pumpkin Pie (seasonal flavor)

We're looking forward to a weekend full of cool cakes and sharing them with you on our website in the near future. Aloha!

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