Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bubbly, Engaged Love

We had fun working on this next cake, which was made for a recent engagement party. The couple wanted something that would symbolize important aspects of their long distance relationship, culminating in the proposal, which took place in a bubble bath. The sculpted antique clawfoot bathtub was surrounded by items including a SAMSUNG F250 cellphone, owned by the couple and represented their long distance communications. On either side of the cellphone, Rick placed a handcrafted acorn and plumeria flower, honoring the states of North Carolina and Hawaii, where they were living at the time. He also added candles, a bottle of champagne and a diamond engagement ring, which we were told by the future bride, were part of the proposal. Now that they are residing together in Hawaii and planning their wedding here, they appropriately chose our Hawaii Five-0 flavor to serve their guests. We wish our couple the best during this exciting time in their lives and we look forward to making their wedding cake.

See this cake along with many others on cakelava.com in the near future!

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