Thursday, January 29, 2009

The cakelava Blog Crash Course

Remember Cliffs Notes back in grade school? Am I totally dating myself ... do they even publish those anymore? Rick and I have been out of grade school for quite some time and away from anything remotely resembling a Cliffs Notes, but have wished numerous times since for the Cliffs Notes/crash course version of something, and this is especially true of reading blogs.

How many times have you encountered a blog and missed the thousands of postings prior to that day -- some of them go back years! Realistically, how many of us can take the time to read each and every post in a blog's existence? Very few of us, and for this reason, we have created the cakelava crash course, which you'll find in the sidebar of the blog, right above our "Interviews from Cakeland" archives. If you are newly joining us, or want to re-visit a selection of some of the more popular postings, this section is for you!

Click and Enjoy!

Aloha ...

1 comment:

Rachel said...

Sure, there are cliffnotes or whatever, but us cool kids all use sparknotes now. (Totally free online, published by Barnes&Noble.

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