Tuesday, January 27, 2009

She's a Little Bit Elegant, He's a Little Bit Rock-N-Roll

It's no secret that Rick and I are hardcore music fanatics, and relish any opportunity we can to be near music. It's been that way our whole lives, and those occasions where we're able to marry two of our most passionate loves, music and cake, in one harmonious and delectable piece of art, well, we both get a little giddy. We've been excited about Marchelle and Tom's wedding for months. Simply put, she's a little bit girly and elegant and he's a little bit rock-n-roll, and the union of the two are a perfect pairing. On Friday night, these two East Coasters celebrated their love in Waikiki with a reception room decked out in vibrant reds, purples and pinks, and two cakes that couldn't be more different, and worked beautifully together. Marchelle's cake was elegant with gorgeous tropical handcrafted flowers, in our Mixed Berries Chantilly flavor. For Tom's groom's cake, a chocolate cake filled with fudge, Rick sculpted a standing Epiphone guitar that looked so realistic Marchelle told us she had guests asking if it would be played later that evening.

Marchelle and Tom, we hope you felt like rock stars on your special day!

We'll be posting a photo of the sculpted Epiphone guitar on cakelava.com with our next updates!

1 comment:

SweetThingsTO said...

wow - how did you get that guitar to stand up like that?

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