Monday, January 12, 2009

Cute, cute, Oh So Cute! - The Girly Pink Tokidoki Cake

Happy Monday, everyone! Over the weekend we took a double dose of Vitamin Cute and Rick created this girly pink Tokidoki cake for Autumn's first birthday. Even the inside was pink with our Guava Lava flavor. This cake had been on order since shortly after our first Tokidoki cake was made for Laneah's 14th birthday. For the 14th birthday cake, Rick made that one in black and white and went for a more sophisticated look, and for Autumn, he opted to keep things cute and playful, and used different Tokidoki characters. Has anyone who is familiar with Tokidoki's ever counted how many different characters there are? There must be hundreds of them! You can probably tell by looking how involved these cakes are to make, but all the labor is worth the end product, and it doesn't get much cuter than this!

(as always, no toy Tokidoki's were used or injured in the making of this cake.)

side view of cake:

Kudos to Autumn's mother for creating a Tokidoki themed birthday party, to match her girly pink cake. Rick and I were both impressed at how much thought and creativity went into the centerpieces and favors. Here are a few photos snapped at the outdoor party:

Aloha, til next time ...

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Holly said...

My son and I have been checking out your Tokidoki cakes! We love them. He thinks they are all great and wanted to make sure that I let you know! Keep creating your amazing works of art. I wish we lived near you so we could enjoy one of your creations first hand!

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