Friday, January 16, 2009

The Perfect Catch!

One of our newest wedding cakes this week took place at the Moana Surfrider's "Rooftop Garden" venue overlooking Waikiki Beach and featured a fly-fishing theme for a Canadian couple. Most of the cakes we've made using a fishing theme were for ocean fishing, not river, and this was a unique request that Rick embraced. Our bride Lesley gave Rick creative control over the design of the cake. Her only requests apart from the theme were the white/black contrasting colors and to use her porcelain toppers she purchased for the wedding. We thought these toppers were very cute and worked well with the fishing theme of the cake.

See this fly-fishing cake and many new cakes on soon!


Tyler said...

I am amazed at your cakes. I used to work at Heritage Web Design and I worked on your site once. I've never seen any cakes that could match what you have done.

cakelava said...

Thank you, Tyler. We remember you. We really appreciate your compliment and hope you and Brooke are well!

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