Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Elmo - A Little On the Funny Looking Side, But Oh So Cute!

Something about this little guy makes me smile everytime. With his cute, exaggerated features and perma-grin smile, Elmo is always ready for a party. When Raymee came to pick up her daughter's Elmo birthday cake, I felt compelled to follow the cake out to her vehicle. Maybe it was his oversized nose or those big, endearing eyes but I was mesmorized by his goofiness ... and intoxicated by the smell of the Rainbowlicious cake. I was helpless against this charming muppet.

Elmo was a big hit at the party because we got an enthusiastic thank you note from Raymee shortly after:

I just wanted to send a little note to say THANK YOU for such an AWESOME Elmo cake! We loved it...alot!! I told my husband we're getting a cakelava creation every year for Naiya's birthdays!! The colors were beautiful and the flavor was scrumptous! Thank you again and talk to you next year!


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