Monday, June 29, 2009

The Perfect Flush - Sam's Toilet Cake

A few months ago Leslie, of Leslie and Sam (Featured Wedding, voted by you!) hired us to make her husband Sam a sculpted toilet cake. She was throwing a beach BBQ birthday/graduation from plumbing school shindig for Sam and thought it would be a scream to have Rick make him a toilet. I spoke to Rick about it and he was excited to take the plunge, yuk yuk, and we also thought her chosen flavor of Broke da Mouth was perfect, and we referred to the project as "broke da toilet". Sam's toilet cake was one of a number of important reasons this past week we weren't able to make the trek out to Colorado to compete on a Disney Food Network Challenge. Third time we've been unable to attend a challenge. Hopefully another opportunity will arise in the future. Sunday was Sam's party and we drove out to the White Plains surf spot out at Barber's Point to deliver his surprise cake, and man oh boy, was he surprised!

We love working with Leslie and Sam! Ever since their wedding last year, they have become regulars of ours and seeing them always puts a smile on our face. We love that they don't take themselves too seriously.

This morning we saw an email from the couple letting us know the toilet was a big hit!

Good morning!! Words cannot express how thrilled we were with the cake!! IT WAS BEYOND AWESOME AND IT TASTED GREAT! Hahaha.

Les and Sam

They were also kind enough to share with us a bunch of photos from the party, some of which were priceless. Thanks Guys, and we'll see you soon!

Les and Sam looking as happy and in love as their wedding day!

Was he booking an appointment or chatting with a friend?

Les got messy for her favorite plumber. She had been pre-warned...

Sam, our favorite plumber, Sasha, and Rick, the toilet cake artist.

yes, it is THAT pretty!

Good friends, an edible toilet cake complete with plunger, and some paddle surfing round out a perfect day, and a fabulous weekend of cakes!

More soon. Aloha, til next time!


Les.Paoa said...

:) We absolutely did love it and that is my new favorite flavor. I have to admit that I do feel a little bummed that you guys didn't make it out to the challenge!
thanks again!
We heart you guys.

Paoletta said...

wowwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!it's really nice!!!!!Compliments!!!!

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