Wednesday, June 11, 2008

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My mother-in-law Joan, who regularly forwards us interesting things she finds on the internet, sent this story to us recently. She found it on iReport and I thought it was worthy of a post. Thank you, Joan! We got a good laugh out of it, and thankfully, we don't have a similar story of our own. Enjoy!

Wedding Cake

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I was a wedding photographer for 15 years. I started in high school with my dad and ended up making it my first adult career.

I've photographed over 700 weddings and sometimes I thought I had seen it all, but I would be surprised again and again every weekend.

For a while I even wrote about the experiences in a magazine, and I never ran out of fun things that happened. Like the bride being so nervous she used the mens room before the the wedding by accident in front of the guests, or the fist fight between the bride and groom, and the bride was the one arrested.

One of my favorites had to do with a hot July wedding on a Saturday in the Chicago suburbs. They had a tent setup for shade under which the wedding cake sat. They put the cake out a little too earlry and within an hour it leaned decidedly to the left like the leaning tower of Pisa.

Sure enough that cake took a nose dive onto the DJ booth and all his equipment about a half hour before it was time to cut the cake. A groomsman went out to a local grocery store to buy a replacement cake, albeit of a lesser quality.

He placed the cake on the backseat floor of his car ever so carefully right next to his bowling ball. Well at some point the laws of Murphy and Science collided and that cake had a bowling ball divot in it by the time it made it back to the reception.

Of course it was so sad we all had to laugh hysterically. Although I have moved over to the computer industry since then, I still have a lot of great memories of weddings I've photographed.

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