Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Underwater Invertebrates Cake

The cake! - Dave Miyamoto Photography

Rick working on cake - photo by Sasha

On Saturday, June 14th it was Ricki and Mike’s wedding day, which they celebrated with a colorful custom underwater invertebrates wedding cake. You’ll recall from a previous blog titled “Godzilla and Israel Kamakawiwaole” that the components of Ricki and Mike’s wedding were quite unusual. They were married in a Japanese themed hotel banquet room, their brilliant handmade invitations featured Godzilla on them and included a CD of Hawaiian songs to be played at the wedding, and they had an underwater invertebrates sculpted wedding cake. This past weekend we had two very complicated cakes on the same night, this being one of them.

Leaving nothing to chance, we brought in the truly fabulous Dave Miyamoto Photography to capture both of Saturday’s cakes, which are already up on
Dave, who is one of the nicest guys we know and an immensely talented photographer, shot images worthy of a magazine feature.

This cake was a lot of fun for Rick to make and the colors really popped! So what kind of flavors does an underwater invertebrates cake have? Ricki and Mike chose tropical flavors -- the pink colored Guava Lava for their cake cutting and Hawaii Five-0 on the top 2 tiers.
We hope their wedding was everything they dreamed it would be!


Nineteen Owls Photography said...

Wow! You really do make the most AMAZING cakes I've ever seen. Awesome job!

cakelava said...

Thank you, Christen! Your photos are pretty incredible as well. See you soon!

tartricia said...

*_* (this is a " I don't believe my eyes" face!)

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