Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A Man and his Sidekick

Ah, boys and their toys. This groom’s cake was originally ordered by a bride marrying on June 7, 2008, or 6-7-8 as it’s referred in the industry, and unfortunately we were booked. Luckily, her wedding party was throwing them a couple’s shower this past weekend and we were able to make the cake, and what a fun cake to do! The bride wanted Rick to make her fiance’s black T-Mobile Sidekick LX , and to paint a picture of their adorable little dog “Natto Bean” on the screen. Her fiancé loves strawberry shortcake and our Strawberries Chantilly flavor was a perfect fit. This cake is not yet on our website but you can see many other cakes including our sculpted cakes at www.cakelava.com.

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