Thursday, June 26, 2008

Leave it to Beaver

This adorable sculpted beaver was one of the many beautiful cakes made for the 6-7-08 wedding date. Ordered as a Groom's cake, we were asked to design a sculpted Oregon State University Beaver which included the University's colors of orange and black. I love the little OSU hat! Little did the beaver know that he would get such a reaction from the guests. Even the bride let out a shriek of joy when she saw her groom's cake and it didn't take her long to come over to admire it with her bridesmaids. Before long, Rick had a small crowd of admirers complimenting the cake -- "it's so cool, we don't want to cut it!" The beaver was placed in a prominent position at the entry to the reception where he would greet each and every guest. Alas, all creatures of cake must eventually meet the knife of fate, and when he did, hopefully our Kona Toffee Crunch made with chocolate cake helped alleviate any attachment our bride and her guests had towards the little guy. Incidentally, not long after the OSU sculpted beaver cake went up on, we received a call from a someone inquiring about a sculpted University of Oregon Duck cake. College rivalry is alive and well in the land of cake!

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