Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ipo and Gary - "The Kiss", Part Deux - The Wedding

All photos courtesy of Christen Vidanovic for Susanne Pridoehl Photography

Ipo and Gary’s wedding in Ka’a’awa was an elegant vision in white with beautiful tropical green accents and an Auguste Rodin’s “Le Baiser” (The Kiss) sculpted wedding cake (see yesterday’s blog). They are a warm-hearted and stylish couple, and obviously very much in love. Ipo and Gary wanted their intimate reception to reflect the art and aesthetics so important to them, and no detail was overlooked. When we arrived at the lovely home, we were greeted by the couple and offered to join them in their celebration. Though we were unable to stay, they asked their photographer to take a photo with us (see below).

To document their special day, Ipo and Gary hired the wonderful Christen Vidanovic of Susanne Pridoehl Photography. Her beautiful images are below. In addition to shooting for Susanne Pridoehl, Christen owns a company called Nineteen Owls. With such an intriguing name, I had to find out its origin and I asked Christen. She said:

“Nineteen Owls was inspired by my night drives home to the north shore. There's a lot of owls along the access road that connects Wahiawa and Snake Road and I like to drive slow and watch them. One night I counted 19. They were so beautiful and abundant in the moonlight - I knew thats what I would name my photo business..”

For more of Christen’s amazing images, check out her Nineteen Owls website and blog.

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