Monday, June 16, 2008

Ladybugs are Lucky and we're Lucky too!

We were smitten over the weekend when we saw this Thank You photo card sent to us by one of our clients. Rick made her daughter Ashely a sculpted Ladybug cake last month for her 1st birthday. We will post our sculpted ladybug and many other new cake photos on our website soon. The card begins with "Dear Rick and Sasha, Thank You! Ladybugs are lucky and I'm lucky too, because I celebrated my 1st birthday with special people like you. "

On the back of the card was the sweetest note:

"Dear Rick and Sasha,

Thank you for my beautiful "ladybug" birthday cake. It was the highlight of my birthday party. The cake was so adorable and cute! Thanks Rick for an awesome cake! Guests at the party couldn't believe it was a cake. So many compliments on her cake! It not only looked good, it tasted good :-) Sasha, thanks for all your help. I wish I met you both. I was busy decorating the restaurant. It was a pleasure working with you! Thanks cakelava!

Rachel, Gary & Ashely P. "

Dear Rachel, Gary and Ashely,

We're the lucky ones! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to create the Ladybug cake for Ashely. She's such a cute little girl who looked absolutely adorable in her ladybug costume! We will look foraward to more celebrations with your family.

With all our Best!

Sasha & Rick

1 comment:

Unknown said...

I just love this cake my daughter turns one in May. I live in South Louisiana. Any chance you can ship to there?

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