Monday, June 30, 2008

Cake and Cheese (of the Blue Variety)

On Saturday when we delivered Kathy and Ryan's wedding cake we walked into the ballroom
and happened to notice a blue colored photo booth. Standing in front of the booth was Marvin Williams, who, along with his wife Sandra, owns Blue Cheese Hawaii. Sandra Williams also owns Finishing Touch, an event design company and one of our recommended wedding coordinators for our brides. See our Links page on for our list of recommended vendors. Marvin, who has one of those faces where you look at him and you know he's a really nice guy and his assistant were all smiles. He asked Rick and I if we wanted to try out the photo booth. These photo booths bring out the kid in you, and we jumped at the chance to do it. Now I've seen the Blue Cheese name around town but this was the first time we had the full Blue Cheese experience and I gotta say, it's was pretty darn fun to get into the booth and ham it up with my man. I can definitely understand why these photo booths are all the rage now. Looking forward to our next event with cake and a little Cheese, of the Blue Variety. Marvin, anytime you need someone to test out the booth prior to an event, we're totally game!


Sandra Williams said...

Thanks for blogging about the CHEESE. You guys' shirts match the banner on the photo :) See you on Friday!

cakelava said...

It's good to have a little CHEESE now and then. Looking forward to our 4th of July wedding together!

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