Friday, October 10, 2008

The Louis Vuitton Pavlovian Response

This one's for the ladies (or for the men wondering what to get their ladies). There's something about the words "Louis Vuitton" that elicits a Pavlovian response like no other. The concept is simple. Stimulus -- Louis Vuitton purse ... Response -- I WANT ONE! 9 out of 10 requests we get for Louis Vuitton sculpted purses or luggage comes from women. Women are very particular about their designer handbags and in general don't trust men to purchase it for them. It's like shoes. When do you see men purchasing shoes for women -- almost NEVER, that's when, not if they know what's good for them.

Sometimes, we come across a brave soul willing to take a chance and order the Louis Vuitton for their lady. Brave, brave souls that we admire for having the courage to take on the task. Our client Lance called me up on the phone to order his wife's sculpted Louis Vuitton handbag. I asked him which model handbag he wanted and he had narrowed it down to a few of them, but couldn't remember which style his wife had at home. Lance and I took the virtual journey to the Louis Vuitton website together and he showed me some examples. I detected in our conversation that he didn't want to make the wrong choice and I wanted to say "Believe me, I know" but instead I did my best to help him and asked about her taste. He wasn't ready to make the decision and decided he would try and look at home and see if he had better luck. He called me the following day and told me he wanted the "Alma" purse. I asked Rick. No problem there, and at that point I think Lance could breathe a sigh of relief and start to get excited about the purse. Yesterday afternoon, Lance came by our studio to pick-up his wife's sculpted Louis Vuitton "Alma" birthday cake. Done in fondant with hand-painted logos in our Chocolate Dream flavor. Luckily Rick is not arthritic because all that painting takes a very steady hand. Lance's reaction spoke volumes, as did the "Wow!" He was very impresed and pleased with his choice and we knew his wife would be too. C'mon, it looks great and it's an edible Louis Vuitton. I hope Lance's wife realizes how lucky she is to have someone so thoughtful and so brave. Happy Birthday, Rochelle!

See our other sculpted cakes, including another beautiful Louis Vuitton, on


Shira-chan said...

Beautifully done, and it looks so delicious, too! =)

Anonymous said...

Your artistry is incredible!

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