Thursday, October 9, 2008

Tina and Josh's Wedding

All photos courtesy of Frank Amodo - Amodo Photo

As promised yesterday, here are the incredible images of Tina and Josh's wedding photographed by Frank Amodo of Amodo Photo. To see their beautiful cherry blossom cake, check out yesterday's post. Normally when we run these real weddings, we state all the different vendors involved, but in this case, I decided to let the event unfold in its own beauty, not defining time or place, but rather allow you to get lost in Tina and Josh's special day. I will say that though we never got a chance to meet the couple since they planned everything from Australia, we really enjoyed working with Tina and Josh, and hearing how in smitten they were with their new daughter Maya, and I can certainly see why. She's totally adorable! Thank you to Frank Amodo for sharing his amazing work with us once again. All our best to Tina, Josh, and Maya!

To see more of Frank's images, check out his website, or blog.


Tina said...

Awww thank you guys!

I have been a lazy emailer and haven't contacted you yet to tell you what an AMAZING cake you made for us! It looked TOO good to eat but once we made that cut and tasted it....oh divine!!!

You guys are wonderful and your cakes are the yummiest works of art! I'm tempted to have another wedding just to sample another one hehe.

Take care guys!


Anonymous said...

Your work is fabulous. Obviously shipping to the mainland would be cost prohibitive, but what bakery would you recommend that has work even close to your caliber in the Chicagoland area? Thanks.

cakelava said...

Hi Tina (and Josh)!

Thanks so much for the sweet comments. It's a shame we never got to meet you guys, but at least we have Frank's photos to share in your special day. Maya looks like an angel! Rick and I wish you, Josh, and Maya all the best and many years of happiness!

cakelava said...

Dear anonymous,

Try "Cake Girls" in Chicago. They do beautiful, fabulous work! You can watch them on the We Channel in a show called "Amazing Wedding Cakes."

Thank you for the compliments on our work!

Anonymous said...

Thank you. I will look for a "Cake Girls" website now!

Tina said...

Hey guys,

We wished that we could have met you too! I've had so many people gush over the cake!

Thank you so much for your well wishes! We wish you the same, in return, threefold!

Will be sending you a little something soon :D

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