Friday, January 30, 2009

Maya Gets Messy (again)

First off, a big Mahalo to our reader Rachel who in response to yesterday's post, informed us that Cliffs Notes are a relic of the past, and all the cool kids now use something called sparknotes. For those of you as in the dark as we were, apparently sparknotes are available online at Barnes&Noble, totally free. How cool is that!

I was quite happy today to have the new sidebar mentioned in yesterdays post because I could very easily find "Getting Messy" written in July of 2008. Maya's messy cake was created in January of 2008, and later featured on the blog, along with photos kindly provided by her mother of the messy-themed birthday party. We were again contacted by Maya's mother to create a messy birthday cake for Maya, and this time she wanted a messy cake in sweet, girly colors fit for a princess. Rick was happy to make his messy cake again and came up with design above. I came into the kitchen a couple times while he was working on Maya's cake, and he was really getting into it. Just like last year's cake, the family chose the Guava Lava flavor they adore.

Messy cakes are harder than they look. Aside from chanelling one's inner Jackson Pollack, there is a fine line between a messy cake and a cake that's a mess. You want the messy cake to be beautiful, not end up on Cake Wrecks (though we love you, Jen!).

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Joie de vivre said...

That's gorgeous! Thanks for the info on sparknotes. I am sooo behind the times. :)

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