Friday, April 24, 2009

Cutesy Whimsy Wedding Cake

Our wedding couple, Sou and Takako are completely adorable and we wanted them to have a super special wedding cake! I've been communicating with the couple long distance, and I do mean LONG distance. They live in Japan and were flying to Oahu for their wedding at the Halekulani hotel and hired us to make them a bright, whimsical, wonky cake. Other than a few photos they sent us for inspiration and the request for pink, yellow and white to be used in the cake, they left their wedding cake design completely up to Rick. Having never met Sou and Takako in person, Rick took into consideration some cake designs they liked and also the Japanese aesthetic of cutesy things and tried his best to give the couple what he thought they would want. Based on my communications with the super sweet couple I have a feeling they were probably pretty blown away by their cake. We hope they are enjoying a fabulous honeymoon and have a safe flight back to Japan. All the best to Sou and Takako!

Aloha to our new twitter followers! We don't tweet as much as some of you but we do when we can and are having fun with it. Have a wonderful weekend!

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