Thursday, April 2, 2009

"Simply" put onto a Cupcake - "Simple", pt. 2

Continuing from yesterday's "Simple" post... We wanted to say this is not about having a chuckle at others expense. We adore our customers and we're happy they are fueled by such creative forces that they bring to us because this is turn strengthens Rick's ability as an artist and educates us on things we never knew about, and yes, we'll be honest, some of the requests we receive do test our patience as we shake our head "what are they thinking?!" which is occasionally followed by "what planet do they reside on?" but as emzeegee and the hungry three commented "People are people" and we gotta love 'em! The purpose of these posts is to share with you that cake requests come far and wide and just because it can be made doesn't mean that its simple to make or that it isn't going to cost an arm and leg to do it. In some cases, it plain and simply shouldn't be made.

Occasionally we receive a complex request often sent via email that contains an image where we wonder if they realize what they are asking us to make. For example, very recently a request came in to make a video game character. We asked "What video game character" and the response was a series of screen captures, including this one. He was looking for a cake, preferably 3D vertical of the character roughly 16" tall. Neither Rick or I are well versed in the video game character genre and had a little difficulty on this one. Rick said he could make it but would charge accordingly and it would be very expensive. I don't think the client realized how difficult it would be.

On the first tier I want this, on the second tier this...

Another type of not-so-simple requests we receive are of the "on the first tier I want this, on the second tier this" variety. An example would be a client who wanted a 3-tier superheroes themed cake. On the first tier they wanted the city of gotham with a figure of Batman. On the second tier they wanted Metropolis with Superman, on the third tier, another city, another superhero. I know it didn't seem to them like a difficult request, but talk about a time consuming cake!

Then there was the "High School Musical" themed cake request, complete with the characters handcrafted on the tiers and all for a budget of less than what we'd charge for a much simpler design.

Another fun one. The sculpted diver mask, which was doable but not the easiest request in the world. To do it well, it's not as simple as she may have thought.

Now we can't discuss "simple" without talking about the cupcake requests. Quite a few people have asked us for "Transformers" themed cupcakes, as in a transformer on each cupcake. Last time we checked, a Transformer looked something like this. To simplify it, we were told we could make the head only.

When our sculpted Disney CARS cakes went up on the site, we had numerous requests for CARS themed cupcakes and we spent a lot of time trying to explain how difficult it is to put a sculpted little car on each cupcake. I suppose having our STAR WARS cupcakes on the website didn't help matters... Another interesting request. Carnival themed cupcakes. We don't know what carnival themed cupcakes look like but we've gotten multiple requests for them. Are they talking about a pattern or a ferris wheel on each cupcake? We invite you to share with us your "simple" requests -- we know we're not alone here -- and join us back here next time for more cakes.

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emzeegee & the hungry three said...

I had one of these late yesterday and of course thinking about this blog post made me laugh harder about it.

She wanted a "simple" pig cake. She also called after 5 pm (silly me for picking up!) and she wanted it for the next morning(!!) at 11am.

A simple pig which was 3D.

Um, no. So I talked her off the 3D edge, and lucky for her I had a few spare cakes (which I always keep for these reasons, but usually it's bake to order.) She then went on to give me loads of details about Mr Simple Pig... who, while not 3D, still had to have ears and tail and feet and ...and.. and...!!

Oy! Best part of my job (or one of the best parts) is learning about human nature! :) As you said, we all love our customers (and wouldn't be in business without them!) but some of them just make me shake my head in wonder.


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