Thursday, April 16, 2009

The "Gwen" Cake

It's been nearly 1 year since our couple Gwen and Josh were married, and even longer since Rick designed their wedding cake. As Gwen and Josh prepare to celebrate their first anniversary, little did they know that their wedding cake has become a desirable design by a number of other brides. We currently have two brides booked who have requested the "Gwen" cake, with only a slight modification. Earlier this year we received a request from a bride wanting us to ship the "Gwen" cake to her wedding on the Big Island, though we were unable to do it. Obviously the "Gwen" cake has that certain something inspiring "Gwen envy" but it's important to point out in all fairness, that Rick's "Gwen" cake was actually inspired by his "Tish" cake, made for our bride Tish's wedding in 2006. Gwen saw and fell in love with the "Tish" design and we used this as a basis for creating her and Josh's cake.

For Gwen and Josh's cake, Rick changed the tiki style, bamboo color and flower type from cymbidium orchids to the hibiscus, to work with the couple's wedding colors and decor. Speaking of colors and decor, Gwen and Josh's wedding was gorgeous and so beautifully captured by Chrissy Lambert Photography. We showcased their wedding last year on the blog but our photos didn't do the event justice.

Tomorrow we will feature their wedding on the blog. Gwen and Josh were gracious enough to share with our readers their wedding images. For a cake as desirable as theirs has become, we wanted you to "meet" the Gwen and Josh behind the "Gwen" cake.

Thank you, Gwen. Thank you Josh! We're wishing you both the best!

Aloha, til tomorrow!

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miamorsweets said...

It's such a beautiful, unique design.

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