Thursday, April 9, 2009

Don't Be Afraid (To Cut the Cake)

Last night we brought a cake and a bunch of our cupcakes to a function we attended. This was a casual function and guests were able to help themselves to the food that was provided. We were seated coincidentally, close to the table where our cake and cupcakes had been placed which made it quite easy to see people's reactions towards the cakes. Up until a certain point in the night, people were walking over to the table, one by one, and they would look at the cake Rick made which was a lovely fondant cake with a logo on it, and sort of pause to take it in, then go over to the side containing cupcakes and take one or two and head back to their chairs. As we saw this happening throughout the function, it was pretty obvious that people were hoping to eat the cake but something was preventing them from doing so -- no one wanted to cut it! Nearly anytime we bring a cake to a function, we end up having to cut it because everyone is afraid to do it. I can understand if the cake was one of our crazy sculptural pieces, but this was a round cake iced in fondant with a logo on top of it, nothing too out there, but since it looked a lot nicer than what they were used to seeing, the cake knife sat next to it for a good portion of the evening. I gave Rick a little nudge and said "we need to cut the cake." As soon as Rick put the knife into the cake, people started lining up for a piece and he proceeded to serve most of the cake. Many of the people who took a piece of the Chocolate Dream cake had already eaten at least one of our Guavatini cupcakes, and we can only imagine the sugar rush they must have had, but boy were they happy. They really loved the cakes. These were happy, gracious people who thanked us over and over for sharing with them our sweets. They were especially happy they could have their cake and eat it too, and not have to be the one to cut it.

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Jennifer said...

I am often the person who has to cut the cake as well. People just don't want to cut cake and think they will mess it up. Hello, it is cake!!! Let's eat it!

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