Tuesday, April 14, 2009

UR Birthday

We had a lot of fun making this MICKEY'S Fine Malt Liquor bottle for Joe's birthday on Saturday. We love the addition of the puzzle on the bottle cap, something MICKEY'S is known for. Joe's fiancee, who ordered the cake as a gift for him, had requested for us to put the letters "UR" and the birthday cake icon which we thought was fantastic! We didn't realize the surprise reveal of the cake would take place at our studio. When they walked in to pick up the cake, the couple was pretty blown away and got very smiley, not unlike those goofy smiles you experience when you've been drinking too much. As we placed the cake into their vehicle, they were still all smiles which then turned into tenderness and some laughter, and you could definitely tell they were sharing a special moment together. Rick and I went back inside and commented how sweet they were, and how happy they seemed with their bottle of MICKEY'S, and that put a smile on our faces.

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