Friday, April 10, 2009

Four Cute Little Guys and Their Ginormous Rocket

Last Saturday, as we were out delivering the sculpted Scooby and "The Fun Cake", four cute little guys named Leo, Annie, Quincy and June, better known as "Little Einsteins" were patiently waiting in their ginormous sculpted flying ship, "Rocket" for our return. It must have been hard for them to watch us bring out the Scooby cake and wonder why they weren't picked first. We explained to them it wasn't preference but Scooby needed to be at his event first. It's difficult to tell by looking at the photo how large this cake is, so you'll have to take our word for it, it's pretty ginormous and quite heavy. BIG cake to make a BIG impression. The occasion was Caleb's "Little Einsteins" themed birthday party and our little guys flew in on their musical ship "Rocket" to help him celebrate with his family and friends. Its hard to tell who was more excited about the cake, little Caleb or his parents, and we were excited to bring him his special gift. It was a perfect ending to a perfectly animated day of cakes.

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til next time, enjoy your weekend!

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