Wednesday, April 8, 2009

"The Fun Cake"

During the course of communications with our client, we began referring to her cake as "the Fun Cake". We knew her cake design was going to be bright, fun, and wonky, but other than that, she left the entire design in Rick's hands and we were all excited to see what he would dream up for her. The event which took place last weekend, was a church's 10 year anniversary party, with hundreds of people attending to celebrate. As her gift to her church, our client ordered this "fun cake", 2 other cakes and several dozen of our cupcakes. She chose a diverse selection of flavors for the party including our "Broke da Mouth", Totally Turtle, and Strawberries Chantilly for the cakes, and our Kamp Kailua and Guavatini cupcakes. For "The Fun Cake" we wanted to emphasize children, the Earth, and lots of color. Although the cake was for her church, she didn't want religious symbols on the cake, apart from the church's logo, and she wanted lots and lots of color. The cake was absolutely adorable in person and emanated happiness from every smile!

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til next time, Aloha!

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