Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Go Girl! -- Girl Fest Hawaii 2009

We're very excited to announce our involvement this year with Girl Fest Hawaii. cakelava is one of the sponsors of the week long festival taking place throughout Honolulu on November 7th-14th. We were asked to make a cake for the soft opening art gallery reception of GiRL FeST and have a special art cake planned. At the time we were contacted by GiRL FeST, we were already booked for the week of the event, but the cause was just to good to pass up. Rick and I both felt it was important for us to lend our support to GiRL FeST Hawaii and to the artists and volunteers who generously donate their talents and time to the events. The cake Rick is designing for the festival is a surprise and will be posted on our blog and website after the event.

If you aren't familiar with GiRL FeST, which is sponsored by the Safe Zone Foundation, there is a wealth of information on their website. The mission of GiRL FeST Hawaii is to help prevent violence against women and girls through art and education. Their hope is to make a change by presenting positive representations of women through the artistic mediums of film, spoken word, dance, art and music, in addition to offering lectures and workshops that address such important themes as identity, body image, self empowerment, social change and providing methods for helping them prevent violence in their relationships. This is the 6th year for GiRL FeST and it has become a huge success with a ton of support from the sponsors and local community and attracts thousands of people. GiRL FeST also occurs in the Bay Area, Seattle and other cities. A full program for GiRL FeST is located on the Girl Fest Hawaii website. We highly encourage all women to take advantage of this amazing event!

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