Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Top This!

As a functional piece, we rarely use toppers on our cakes, and when we do, they are handcrafted by Rick and work with the cake's design. From an entertainment perspective, cake toppers push all the right buttons and we can't get enough of them. Here are some of our favorite toppers, culled from a wide variety of sources. We'll be sharing them throughout the week, in between other posts. There is a topper for every interest and every fantasy. But that doesn't necessarily make it right.

What could be better than a hunting themed cake topper with the bride and groom decked out and ready for action? How about 6 interchangeable signs to carry the couple through the years. "Just Married" for the wedding day, "Happy Anniversary" a year later and "Congratulations" when the little one is on the way. It's on eBay and the seller already has bids, so if you want it, shoot! Go get it!

This one is a little puzzling to us. We get that these two love to travel, but what exactly are they. Anyone ... Anyone? ...

These kitties are all dolled up for their Big Day but the feline Groom forgot his pants.

Florida Gator and Clemson Tiger cake topper from Magicmud. A match made in sports heaven.

The hippo groom and penguin bride cake topper. Another match made in heaven. At least the hippo remembered his pants.

We have a Wii, just like everyone else, and we had a lot of fun creating our Mii's. A little too much fun. Would we want them on our cake? Well, OK, maybe.... They are pretty darn cute!

Primal urges indeed! Disturbing on so many levels.

The Optimus Prime and Smurfette cake topper has circulated on the blogosphere, but still remains one of our favorites!

One of the more elaborate cake toppers out there. White buttercream platform not included.

The famous "Mermice" cake topper. In our wildest dreams we couldn't have imagined a more bizarre pairing of mermaids and mice. It's strange, disturbing and yet something oddly enigmatic about it.

More of our favorite toppers will be showcased throughout the week, along with new cakes and new press!

Aloha, from Kailua!


Les.Paoa said...

lol. i think i like the mermice the best because its so bizarre!

BellaLovesPink said...

OK, Les just took the words out of my mouth - SO BIZARRE! Just the right things to make a cake unpretty

Carly said...

The tan "people" look like they were intended to be Muppets. As a matter of fact, it looks like Guy Smiley is getting hitched.

cakelava said...

HA! Yes, indeed, the mermice is a classic. Wish we could see the cake that went with it. Same with the "muppet" toppers. Hee hee.

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