Thursday, October 22, 2009

Junko and Oscar's Wedding Cake - A Sweet Simplicity

Earlier in the month we shared a Harry Potter groom's cake made for Junko and Oscar's wedding. Junko had ordered the sculpted Harry Potter book cake with the magic wand accessory as a surprise for Oscar, and it made a huge impact at the wedding. The groom's cake was detailed and artistically challenging, and the wedding cake was a beautiful sweet simplicity, a marriage of soft turquoise blue and dark brown, with a single flower in pink to give it some "pop". Everything about this cake, and our couple, was cute, cute, CUTE! It had a sweet little white cake stand and a lovely printed linen underneath it and a beautiful, Hawaiian backdrop of lush greenery and a sparkling ocean. What more could you ask for! Junko and Oscar's wedding had one pretty little detail after another.  Some of Hawaii's best vendors -- Yvonne Design for florals and design, and photographer Frank Amodo, whose images we will showcase tomorrow with the rest of the wedding. You won't want to miss this beautiful event!

The icing on our cake for this wedding was that the couple was so darn sweet! Shortly after arriving back in New York City, they sent us this Thank You note:

We wanted to THANK YOU for the most beautiful and delicious cakes you created for our wedding! I LOVED LOVED LOVED our wedding cake! It was so simple but so chic and the shade of turquoise color completely matched our linens! I just couldn't get enough of the buttercream and my favorite lemon curd and strawberry fillings!

and what about the groom's cake? One word ... Fabulous! What a work of art! Oscar was completely suprised by his Harry Potter cake! We were both amazed by how much details Rick was able to put into that cake!

Junko and Oscar

above image courtesy of Frank Amodo Photography

Come back to tomorrow to "meet" our couple, Junko and Oscar, and see their beautiful wedding!

Junko and Oscar, you two are fabulous and we wish you the very best!

Aloha, til next time!


BellaLovesPink said...

Cute couple and beautiful cake! Is that a peony or cabbage rose?

cakelava said...

Ciao Bella! Thank you for the comment. It's neither a peony or cabbage rose. Rick says it's an "ambiguous flower", nothing specific but more conceptual.

Junko said...

Rick and Sasha!
We can't thank you enough for the fabulous cakes! I feel like I can relive our wedding day by reading your blog about us! Thanks!

Belinda Hutchinson said...

Gorgeous cake and even more gorgeous couple!
Just a quick question. I get a little anxious about cake stands with such large (and heavy) cake stands. Do you have any recommendations when purchasing stands?

cakelava said...

Thank you Belinda! We agree, Junko and Oscar are gorgeous! As for the cake stands, you want to choose a sturdy stand and we only put the amount of weight we think it can support, especially if the cake is all real, which ours are.

Michelle Scotti said...

I love the colors. What a beautiful cake :)

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