Saturday, October 17, 2009

Top This Too!

More cake topper madness to share! For more crazy toppers see our Top This! and Top This! - Zombie Love posts.

Love Never Dies, even when your skin has fallen off and your clothing is covered in cobwebs. How romantic.

This is what happens after the reception when the lights go down and they get down and dirty. French kissing skeleton cake toppers. here again. Love Never Dies.

I now pronounce you Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head. We like her purple come-hither eyes and fashionable yellow hoops.

If you ever wondered what you would look like immortalized in LEGO, then this is the topper for you!

Not sure what the appeal of the animal cake toppers are, but they seem to be gaining in popularity. These conservatively attired field mice look like they are ready for a stroll in the Amish countryside.

This is one strange match. We're all for diversity but this may be going too far. At least the bride-goat remembered her "something blue."

Pig love is in. We missed the memo. Porcine matrimony at its finest!

Aren't into the pigs? How about the same set up with bulldogs, ribbon flowers and tulle veil for the bitch, err bride.

This is a called a "Hawaiian Cake Topper" but thankfully, we have never seen one here. This couple clearly needs a room as they enjoy their first kiss under one of Hawaii's red and green, and yellow and green palm trees. The white coconuts are a nice touch, and would be even better if they lit up. Now that's a party!

From the same company that brought you the Hawaiian cake topper comes a familiar scene for the porcelain frogs. Would this be a Hawaiian frogs cake topper? Again, we wonder if the coconuts light up.

As long as we're getting romantic here, this one is more wholesome, almost respectable. Almost.

Another one in the "Get a Room" series of cake toppers. Not sure why they bother to decorate the bottom of it with sweet flowers and hearts. As if anyone is actually looking down there.


Aloha, 'til next time!


emzeegee & the hungry three said...

As if I needed more reasons to love and adore you two, this series of crazy topper posts is hilarious! I've actually got a couple later in the year who are using the Lego toppers (but made by the bride's sister)... haven't yet had a zombie/skeleton request but I'm sure it can't be far off!

Just thought I'd post a note to say you are truly inspirational.

cakelava said...

Hello! Wow, what an awesome note, Thank you! Glad you are enjoying the crazy toppers posts. How funny you have a couple using the Lego toppers. That should be a cool cake!

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