Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hello, Rocktober!

Hello Rocktober! It's officially here, this wild and crazy month of excitement, a full calendar of cakes, and some pretty awesome press coming out. For some reason Rocktober is super-revved up this year -- it's like the universe conspired to see how much we could handle and then kept dishing out more. You know these months. We're not complaining of course, we cherish the opportunities and support and only wish we could have done even more. It would have been nice if we could have accepted the Food Network's invitation again to compete in the cake Challenge this month, but there was no possible way during Rocktober.

We're looking forward to all the opportunities this month brings and there is no better way to kick off, or represent, the month of Rocktober than with a sweet new feature just released on, called "24-Karat Cakes". This feature is fantastic and 2 of our gold cakes are included in the slideshow, along with cakes from some very respectable designers from all over the nation, including Confetti Cakes in NYC, Cakework in San Francisco, Cake Opera Co. in Canada, and others. The cakes are beautiful to look at and the array of talent represented in the slideshow is impressive. Rocktober is off to a smashing start!

Aloha, til next time!

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