Monday, October 5, 2009

Go Team! Rocktober Kicks Off!

Today's blog is dedicated to our pal Eric, who LOVES sports. Not just Football (New England Patriots, thank you very much) or Baseball (Red Sox), but soccer, hockey, basketball, golf, you name it, he watches it, and it's always been that way. Like any collector or fanatic, it's always educational being around people so passionate about something. Sports, boys and men go hand in hand, and when it comes to cake, chances are if it involves sports, it's gonna be for a male. Saturday's birthday party at the Halekulani resort in Waikiki was a sports-themed extravaganza of football, baseball, soccer and basketball novelties throughout the room. Rick was given the colors and theme of the cake by the client and artistic freedom to design the cake however he wanted. In person, the cake popped with color and the bold detail and was enough to make any sports enthusiast start drooling. For a cake this fun and potent with color, their flavor of choice was our Rainbowlicious which should have the fans cheering for more!

Aloha, til our next post!

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