Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Melissa's Sushi Cake

Image courtesy of Bruce Ayres

Shortly after cakelava opened in 2005, Rick made his first sushi cake in Hawaii and he's been making them steadily ever since. He's made sushi platters, sculpted sushi rolls, and numerous art cakes with sushi as a theme. He even made an elaborate tokidoki cake with a conveyor belt of sushi at the base. Sushi is one of our favorite foods and we seek it out every chance we get. On the cakes, the handcrafted sushi are so realistic, it inevitably makes us crave sushi after the event and I have to stop myself from reaching for them before. Our latest sushi cake was made for Melissa's 40th Birthday. The banner around the cake says "Happy Birthday" in Japanese and is covered with different kinds of sushi. It was inspired by a cake Rick had previously designed but they wanted even more sushi on it. My mouth is completely watering as I write this and I'm wondering how to get my next fix. Mmm... suuuushhhi.

Check out for a selection of sushi themed cakes.

Aloha, til next time!

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